Celtic Football Club was founded on 6 November 1887 in Glasgow, the capital of Scotland. Celtic, one of the most important clubs in Europe and the United Kingdom, plays its games at the 60,355 seat capacity Celtic Park. Colors are Green-White. Celtic, who has remained unopposed in recent years with the relegation of their arch-rival Glasgow Rangers, can easily win the championship in the Scottish Premier League. Playing in Scotland's 1st Division since the year it was founded, Celtic played its first official match in 1888 and was recorded as the only Scottish team to never be relegated. Celtic are of the opinion that the Scottish Premier League has lost a lot of prestige after its long-time rivals, Glasgow Rangers, were relegated. In the Scottish League, which has become a league with decreasing competitiveness, Celtic is almost certain to be the champion every year.  is looked after .

Celtic has achieved a success well above the standards of European clubs, with 46 championships in the Scottish Premier League. The Glasgow representative, who won 46 league victories, also won the Scottish Cup 36 times. In addition to these success found 15 Scottish League Cup, Celtic won close to 100 major trophies, the museum between European clubs ku trout  registered as a club. Celtic, whose museum is full of trophies, had serious success in European trophies in the 1970s and early 2000s. Having fought in the UEFA Champions League for a long time, Celtic managed to reach the final in 1967. Celtic, who won against Inter, one of Italy's Serie A teams, in the final match in 1970, left their first final with a trophy. Having debuted in the 1960s and appearing in European cups every year, Celtic has been touted as the best team in Britain.


Playing their next final in the UEFA Champions League in 1970, after the European Cup final in the 1960s, Celtic lost the final this time. After 33 years of waiting for their next final, Celtic reached the final of the UEFA Cup in 2003. Celtic faced Porto, losing 3-2 in the head-to-head match and had to leave empty-handed from the second European Cup final. Celtic, who managed to beat many elite clubs of Europe until they reached the final in 2003, faced Barcelona in the semi-finals and defeated their opponent in the semi-finals by two matches and made his mark in the final. Celtic was recorded as the only team in Scotland to have won the UEFA Champions League title, which was enough to make it the most successful team in its country.